27 November 2009

Salam Aidil Adha..

Salam w.b.t.

Sebentar tadi, ada rakan seusrah saya yang memberikan satu link video kepada saya, dan saya suka untuk berkongsi link tersebut, memandangkan hati saya sangat tersentuh sehingga menitis air mata apabila menontonnya. Saya menginsafi kelemahan diri saya sendiri yang kadangkala leka dengan pelbagai perkara.

Kadangkala kecintaan dan arah tuju diri kita pada sesuatu perkara seringkali menjauhkan diri kita dengan Tuhan dan matlamat sebenar dalam hidup kita.

Apapun, hari ini (Jumaat) sudah masuk Hari Raya Aidil Adha di sini. Ini merupakan kali 4 saya tidak menyambut Hari Raya Aidiladha bersama keluarga. Buat sekalian ahli keluarga saya sama ada di Malaysia atau di luar negara, saya mengucapkan Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidiladha. Saya tujukan juga ucapan ini buat pembaca-pembaca lain yang beragama Islam. Semoga sambutan raya pada tahun ini menambahkan lagi kekuatan iman kita semua. Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar.

12 November 2009

New House.. New Challenge..

Salam w.b.t.

Some people asked me why I was 'silent' for quite a while. Well, probably only my friends from other places think so, as I don't think my colleagues here would think the same way.

Well, I was quite busy nowadays, with plenty of activities going on.. Not to forget the weekly exams and tests (tests are weekly routine for Charles University students here). Tests don't concern me pretty much. But it's other activities and final exams that keep me away from my computer each day. Owh, I forgot to mention that I've just finished doing my Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine examination this evening. Alhamdulillah, I did it successfully, and it was a good start for me. Alhamdulillah, all praises are due to Allah. I hope I could maintain the average point that I obtained last year and the year before.

Talking about Radiology, I like it so much.. Who knows that one day, I'll end up being a Radiologist. But, seriously I like this field.

A big-hearted man ~ Radiology is just awesome

Enough with study (I don't really like to talk about study actually but I can't get rid of it. It's part of my life here. It's a medical student's life). Let's talk about something else. I said just now that I've been very busy nowadays. Well, one of the thing that made me busy was I've moved out from my previous house. And now, my new house is even nearer to the hospital. (the previous house was also near, but this one is nearer). It take just about 5 minute walk from my house to reach the faculty hospital, the place where I go everyday. It is not really a house. It's a flat. But I like it. 5-minute walk to the hospital allows me to do more things at home (The previous house took about 10-minute walk). I save 10 minutes a day, and in one week I would save almost an hour!

Moving my things. Special appreciation to Azizul

My room

My room when I first came in. It's quite different now

Well, the previous house kept lots of memories. Sometimes it makes me smile thinking about it. I could still remember when we first moved in there. At first we (not we, but my friends from INTEC) were the one who told everyone else that they were going to stay at the hostel, when somebody suggested to move outside. But, what happened was that, we were the first one to move out from the hostel. And it was just a bit shorter than 2 weeks as far as I remember for us to say at the hostel before we moved out. And some girls here were complaining about this things. And some of my friends from Prague and Olomouc also advised to us that we shouldn't actually moved out. There was like a bit hassle here. Well, you have to imagine that we were the first Malaysian batch here and the situation was a little bit different during that time.

So, those were the old days.. the days where I was like a new person in a new world, where I didn't really know anyone else here.. the days where we played football with just 5 people on the pitch, the days where none of us has already get married.. and the days where we suffered the pressure of studying medicine. I have to admit that sometimes I felt really tensed with studies when I was in the first year, and I believe I was not the only one to feel so. I could still remember one of my friend here told me that he felt like he wanted to throw a bomb to the faculty. Well, that was more than 3 years ago, and I believe the juniors have benefited a lot from our experience.

Anyway, back to the house topic. Even though I've already moved in, there are still some things that has not been settled down yet. I still haven't registered this new address to the police (here you need to update every changes to your personal detail to the police) and the same to the bank and vodafone.

Just the next day after I moved my things to this new house, I went to Olomouc for a football friendly match. It was the first time for me to play out door, with temperature about 1 degree centigrade. But it was a good game (though we lost eventually).

After warming-up session

There were many other activities that I had for the past few weeks - ISK, daurah, etc... I think I hardly have a 'free' weekend since the opening of the semester. Today is probably the most 'free' day that I had (in term of study and other on-going activities) since the winter semester began. But, many other things are coming ahead.

Anyway, let's leave those things. Let's talk about global problems. I was watching Arsenal vs Wolvehampton highlight yesterday, when I saw one of my favourite player, Eduardo opened his shirt after he scored and in his inner shirt, there was a sentence which I don't know in what language which meant 'Peace in Villa Kennedy - Rio de Jenero'. Some footballers use the opportunity being under the spotlight to highlight something. And probably that's a good idea of showing something to the world. Kaka also had done something similar before, when he scored for AC Milan one time ago. I'm not against those behaviour. But those things reminds me of Kanoute, a Sevilla striker who also did the same thing earlier this year. He's a Muslim. And he celebrated his goal by showing the sentence 'Save Palestine' if I'm not mistaken. And he was punished by the football federation for what they call 'bad-conduct'. I just can't understand how those people justify something. What on earth is going on with this world. As I'm writing this entry, I'm also reading news about our brothers anywhere else in this world, and it's always sad to read about them. Sometimes I was thinking how would it feel to be in their place, and of course we all haven't done much enough to help our brothers.

I was actually thinking to write just a short entry, and I didn't realise I've written quite long. I planned to sleep early tonight, but probably the 2-hours sleep before my exam this afternoon has increased my sleeping threshold tonight. Anyway, here it's already late fall, or autumn already. I like spring, fall and winter, but not too much of summer.

Missing Alya Mahdiya and Afiq Aliyuddin..

I think I should stop now, read quran and take a rest.