05 November 2011



I've just broken my Arafah day fast with the Muslim community here. Alhamdulillah, I was coming back from Prague just now and it always feels good to be with those with the same aqidah with us from different races. And it feels more special, knowing that insyaAllah it's probably going to be the last Arafah Day and Eid celebration that I celebrate here.. insyaAllah.

To everyone who read this post, I would like to wish you all 'Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha'. Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum. Kullu 'aam wa antum bikhair.

Let's understand and practise the concept of 'sacrifice' the way it should be. Life needs sacrifice. The deen needs our sacrifice. And let's be istiqamah.

InsyaAllah, I'll be having my Obstetrics and Gynaecology examination next week. It's a big exam. It's my final year exam. Do pray for my success.

And last but not least, happy belated birthday to my beloved niece, Alya Mahdiya. I miss her very much.


... said...

Salam alaik akhi,

Ma'at taufiq wan najah for enta's exams! Always du'a: Allahumma la sahlan illa ma ja'altahu sahlan, wa anta taj'alul hazna iza shikta sahlan. - O' Allah! There is nothing easy except what You make easy, and You make difficult easy if it is Your Will.


P/s: Your niece name is beautiful ! Know the meaning?

Anonymous said...

happy eid adha too..gud luck for your exam.

nur said...

all d best for your exam.. hope it went well.. i know u always do well in your studies

muhammad noor ismail said...


sorry for d late reply.. i've just come back from Prague.. we had intervarsity games since friday.. n i'm really tired now ;p

alhamdulillah, i passed my exam.. n alhamdulillah, i had a very good result for it.. i'm really satisfied.. alhamdulillah.. all praises are only due to Allah..

to ... i forgot d meaning.. i'll check it again n iAllah i'll let u know when i know it :-)

jazakumullah for those who prayed for me :-) May Allah help u guys s well.. 1 job done.. but there r lots of works waiting..

mohd noor ismail said...

to ...

i just remembered that once u asked me the meaning of the name of my niece..

i've just got to know the meaning.. alya mahdiya means 'ketinggian yg mendapat hidayah' :-)