02 May 2009

Red Alert: Swine Flu!!

Salam w.b.t.

We all know that the world is now facing a swine flu outbreak. I was quite surprised as I woke up yesterday when I read the news that there might be swine flu case in Czech Republic, where I'm studying now. So, here's the news from the internet regarding this issue.

Prague - Three Czechs who all returned from Mexico are now hospitalised on suspicion of swine flu, two in Prague and one in Ostrava, north Moravia, chief sanitary officer Michael Vit told journalists today.

He said the first case of swine flu might appear in the country within a week.

Thermal cameras will be placed at the Prague international airport to detect possible swine flu as a plane will bring some 180 Czech tourists back from Mexico on Sunday.

Vit said doctors will check the tourists from Mexico in mobile tents at the airport.

If doctors reveal any symptoms of the flu, the passenger will be sent to the Prague-Bulovka teaching hospital.

Prague airport spokeswoman Marika Janouskova told CTK that the passengers of all flights that the chief sanitary officer considers risky will be checked by thermal cameras and doctors.

Apart from the three people who are hospitalised over suspicion of swine flu, further 16 people who returned from Mexico have minor problems with their air passages, Vit said. These people were tested and ordered to remain at home and keep isolated from others.

Child and adults general practitioners will receive instructions on swine flu symptoms, its treatment and testing, Vit said.

He said infectious diseases clinics have already received them.

The instructions will also be available on the Health Ministry website.

The lethal A/H1N1 virus has already claimed over 150 lives in Mexico. The disease has spread to the U.S. territory as well as other countries.

The first cases of the disease in the EU have been reported in Spain and Britain. Today, Germany announced the first three cases and Austria confirmed one.

The Czech Republic as the EU-presiding country has convoked a meeting of the EU health ministers for Thursday to deal with the situation.

confirmed cases of swine flu

However it was later found out that the result was negative. Nevertheless, especially to my friends who are studying in Europe, it's advisable for us to keep distance from crowded places and also to keep our hygiene, as this subtype of Influenza A virus is highly contagious. Allah knows better. Everything happens for good reasons :-)

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