10 November 2010

Let The Momentum Stays..

Salam w.b.t.

Alhamdulillah, all praises are due to Allah, as I'm writing this post, I've finished my first ever final exams in my 5th year studies. There are more to come. Let's just pray that everything goes well for me.

I have to admit that Psychiatry isn't my favourite subject and I don't think I'll end up becoming a psychiatrist. No, I don't think so. For me, psychiatry is a combination of social science, medicine, history, philosophy and anthropology. And I don't like theories made by human beings. In fact, some of the concept that I learnt for me is arguable.

During my oral exam on Tuesday, I got a question about paraphilia the professor that examined me asked about homosexuality. The professor didn't agree with some of my points about this issue. I'm not going to talk more about this, but I could see different perception among people about some ethical issues.

Like it or not, thanks to Allah, I've done it successfully. Alhamdulillah.

I've just changed my blog design template. The previous one got some technical problem, which I'm so lazy to sort out. So, I just looked for new template and I end up with this one, which looks simpler than the previous one. I don't like complicated design.

We've just finished our intervarsity games few days ago, and it was a good one. We failed to retain our gold medal for volleyball which we got last year. But silver medal wasn't that bad.

Regarding Ikhwah Fried Chicken, which me and my friends worked on for the donation of our mosque, alhamdulillah, we received overwhelming response. During the first day we opened for orders, we received more than 50 orders, and by the third day, the total number of orders that we received has already exceeded our limit.

our latest advertisement

But the more interesting part is that, nowadays there are more groups here who also make this kind of charity for our mosque. Allah says in the quran:

'..So, race to (all that is) good..' - 2: 148

Indeed nobody wins or lose in a race for the sake of Allah.

This is actually only the third time I'm involved in a kind of business. The first time was when I was in standard 5, where I helped my teacher to sell many kinds of noodles during our 'Hari Kantin'. However this is the first time I'm involved in a business in which 100% of the profit is donated to our mosque project. Indeed, it was very tiring, to manage the chicken, while having intervarsity games and exam on the following day! Anyway, it was a good experience, and probably I should consider a bigger business in the future. Let the 'hamasah' (spirit) keeps going.

Talking about hamasah, sometimes I wonder how to keep it up for a long period. How many young man that have lost their hamasah, and how many shuyukh who manage to maintain their hamasah. Just look at the companions of the Prophet. Look at Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, which I've told the story some times ago [click here]. If it's not because of his hamasah, he'll not spend his late life participating in the mission to conquer Constantinople.

We need hamasah for da'wah. And we need hikmah (wisdom) from the shuyukh. And those are two elements which are complimentary in a successful da'wah.

I'm just wondering how to keep this hamasah going. If we relate it to the Newton's third Law, it's mentioned that mutual force between action and reaction between two bodies are equal opposite and colinear. In order to keep the force towards the positive one, it's hard to suppress the opposing force, but what we could do is to increase our our force by increasing our hamasah.

I don't know why I suddenly relate it to Newton's Law, but probably the law could apply to our daily lives as well.

And by the way, this morning Mr Obama was giving his speech concerning the Muslim world in Indonesia. Indeed it was a well-crafted speech. So, I'm leaving you guys with this American's speech for you guys to judge. I wonder what benefit could the United States offer to the Muslim world, as long as they back the Israel.

And don't forget to look at another picture of this guy in front of the Jewish counterpart.

Last but not least, to my friend, Azizul who broke his humerus recently, get well soon, bro. Shafakallah.

And not to forget my beloved niece Alya Mahdiya, Happy belated birthday to you. I miss her so much.

Let the momentum stays.


umatMuhammad said...

may your business goes well, bro.

muhammad noor ismail said...

to umatMuhammad..

thanks :-) may your business goes well s well..