05 July 2011

Back Home..

Salam w.b.t.

It has been a while.. I mean it's been long enough for me to be able to order nasi lemak-teh tarik or roti canai-kopi O at kedai kopi next to the street, while watching news or football updates and reading the newspaper. Well, indeed it has been one-long, hectic year since I left this country.

But guess what.. I'm now back home in Malaysia after a year full of challenges living abroad. Yeah, it has been a long year and many things happened throughout this challenging year. I've done 8 major exams, I moved to a new house, I bought many new things, travelled to some interesting places and many others. I remember a verse in quran, which describes how fast the mankind would feel in hereafter when they recall back how long they've been living in this world.

112. " He will say: 'How many years did you tarry in the earth?'"

113. " They will say: 'We tarried but a day or part of a day; but ask those who keep account'."

114. " He will say: 'You tarried but a little if you had only known'."

That's just a short reminder for me and you guys. Anyways, alhamdulillah. I'm back home now and it always feels good to be in your own place as compared to living in oversea, no matter how develop the country is.

Today is the 5th day for me in Malaysia, but only the 2nd day in my house in Perak. And for these 5 days, my body can't stop sweating. seriously. I hope I could adapt as soon as possible. InsyaAllah, I'll be here in about 2-and-a-half month, and you guys can contact me through my email muhammadnoor.ismail@gmail.com or through my phone number 013-4046316. I would prefer to be contacted by email or sms rather than through skype or yahoo messenger or google talk.

Well, let's talk something about my place here. You guys must have heard about the reality show Imam Muda shown in Astro. I must confess that I've never seen any episode in the first season, but for the first time, 3 days ago, I watched the final episode for season 2 in Youtube. And guess what.. the winner of the reality show is someone from my place!! He's a friend of mine, one year older than me, and I could still remember we always represent our Primary school during Musabaqah competition every year. He had a very nice voice and always represented our school in nasyid and tilawah, while I always represented our school in hafazan. I just can't believe that he actually won the competition, but he really deserve it. My mom told me that few weeks ago, the Imam Muda crew came to our place and there was a big ceremony here. Well, these things happen when I'm not here, but I hope that the young generation in my place will be inspired by this achievement.

And talking something more 'nationally', I'm sure that the Malaysians are all aware about the BERSIH demonstration scheduled to take place on the 9th of July. Well, I'm not going to justify who is correct and who isn't. But, I like to watch and read the debate between different parties regarding this issue. The politician has different point of view, so does the Islamic scholars. I like to read and listen to their arguements, and I must admit that I'm still unsure which one to support in this case. For me, the pro-BERSIH supporters have some points. What's wrong to fight for the fairness and justice. The intention seems to be noble but I'm still unsure about the implementation. Is it really necessary to make a demonstration to handle a memorandum? And is it permissible to carry out a demonstration according to the religion? I've read and listened to many talks and I'm still unsure about my stand in this issue. But, I just hope that those people who fight for justice and talk about democracy, would also stand up when it comes to basic issues like congregational prayer. Sometimes we talk about 'big things' and ignore basic things. Here is an interesting forum during the Liqa Sanawi AFN recently.

I feel like there are lots more to write, but it's now 1am and I feel really sleepy right now. Plus I need to wake up early tomorrow. But last but not least, I would like to congratulate my former school, SERATAS orchestra team, who won the annual SBP Wind Orchestra Competition recently. Our team managed to be in final round when I was in school, but we just didn't manage to win the title. Well, watching the performance reminds me about our orchestra training last time. People might see it as an art, but for me, it's more about discipline. Anyways, congrats lads. Here's one of the song played by the team.

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