19 July 2011

Sabah 4.0

Salam w.b.t.

I'm currently in Sabah, spending few days of my summer break with my family. There are much works to do during this holiday, the responsibility is bigger, and it always feels good to take a break and spend time with my beloved family.

We went to several interesting places. I love Borneo in term of their tourist attractions. They are more interesting, not typical and much more significant compared to the places in Peninsular Malaysia. For me, in Peninsular, the attractions are all typical. There are beach, islands, theme park and some highlands. But in borneo the beach are several times more beautiful, the air is fresher, the water is crystal clear, the highlands are still well-preserved, the places are more beautiful and the experience are great!

Previously, I've been to the tip of Borneo, the most northern part of the Borneo island. Subhanallah. It was really an amazing experience to see the two seas at the northern part of Borneo meet up. You could actually see a line separating both seas. And the view was of course really beautiful.

He has let free the two seas meeting to gather. There is a barrier between them. They do not transgress - Quran - 55: 19-20

the tip of Borneo

But this year I visited different places and of course with really amazing experience. We went to the places around Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in the Southeast Asia, the Sabah Tea, a canopy walk in the Kinabalu Park, Poring Hot Spring, Sabah Dairy Place, and many others.

Those are all first time experiences, as I've never been to similar places before, and they are all unique and different with places that I've visited in other parts of Malaysia or Europe. I love all the experiences especially in Ranau and Kundasang.

Here are some of the pictures we took. For more pictures, as usual you could check out my Picasa Web Album.

with my niece

Alya Mahdiya and Afiq Aliyuddin

Canopy walk at the Kinabalu Park

Anyway, of course the most interesting part is to be with my family, after almost a year leaving them, including my my nieces and nephew. They've grown up a lot since I last met them last year. Alya Mahdiya now can talk very fluently. Afiq Aliyuddin is now more active than before, and the 11-month-old Asma' Iffah can now stand up, but still couldn't walk yet.

some of my family members, including the new-comer Asma' Iffah

I actually plan to write down my experience in different perspective but probably next time, insyaAllah. Anyways, InsyaAllah, I'll use all those experiences in my future life, in da'wah for the sake of this deen.

Energy charged. Now it's time to continue working.

Mohd Noor bin Ismail,
Kota Kinabalu

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