06 March 2012

Internal Medicine..


Alhamdulillah, I've done my Internal Medicine exam yesterday, and alhamdulillah, Ive passed the exam. It's indeed the biggest exam in my whole study of medicine.. and I did it. Many people congratulated me.

This morning the student secretary of my University called me, and she expressed her disappointment that I didn't meet the criteria for getting the red diploma award, which is equivalent to first class honour award. She said that before this, I did not only had the chance of getting the red diploma award, but I actually had the chance of becoming the best student in my university, since I have the highest grade average since I was in the first year.

Of course, as a human being, I must felt a bit distressed from what she said. I always hoped I always do well in whatever I do in my life. Perticularly in studies, I always strive to do the best since I was in pre-school. And I actually managed to do it before. And I was hopeful to repeat the similar achievement in my university as well.

Well, if I think about it in negative way, I would say that I've just blown away not only the chance of getting the first class honour, but I've just blown away the chance of becoming the best student in my university. But that's life. Things like this happen in life, although not so often, and we should always get ready to face any consequences.

No, I shouldn't get disappointed at all. I didn't lose it, because I've never had it before. So, I've nothing to lose. I just did not entitled to get it. and that's all.

I just remembered the Prophet Yunus a.s. when he was thrown away by his people and got engulfed into the belly of a whale. The people wanted him to die, didn't they? He didn't blame his people. He didn't point at those who threw him and not to the whale which engulfed him. He didn't even call those people who threw him as criminal. And he didn't cursed the God. But what did he say? He simply said:

La ilaha illa anta, Subhanaka, Inni kuntu minaz-zalimin (There is none worthy of Worship besides You, You are far exalted and above all weaknesses, Surely, I’ am from among the wrongdoers) 21: 87

Yeah, he simply blamed himself. And because of his du'a, Allah saved him after that.

Life must goes on. There are many other things to worry about. And there are many more to work on. There's no time to get disappointed with these kind of things. I have billions of things to thank to Allah, and this thing is nothing compared to those ni'mah :-)

La ilaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minazzolimiin.


Anonymous said...


muhammad noor ismail said...

thanks.. huhu..

Kina said...


I agree with you. Not everything we want in life will be granted. Boleh jadi apa yang kita patut dapat tu bukan yang Allah katakan terbaik utk kita. Ada org yang bertungkus lumus berusaha tp gagal jugak.

There are thousand reasons for us not to be grateful. Dapat bernafas hari-hari pun kena bersyukur.

Apa yg jadi tu didikan utk lebih bersyukur lah tu. :)

All the best!

muhammad noor ismail said...

yeah.. agree.. but this one was soo close.. nvmind.. as u said, there r thousands of reasons to be thankful :-)

Anonymous said...

nice writing..where's your next post?

mohd noor ismail said...


i'm a bit busy lately.. got so many things to think about.. n i just don't have d feeling to write at this moment.. iAllah, i'll continue writing soon :-)

Anonymous said...

hrmm..love to see read next post..