02 February 2009

~Kembara Musim Sejuk - Turkey 2009~

Salam w.b.t.

Below are my schedule in the next few days..

6th February 2009 - Visiting friends at Olomouc, Czech Republic
7th February 2009 - Ini Sejarah Kita v Olomouci..
8-14th of February 2009 - Vacation at Bratislava and Turkey..

InsyaAllah, I'm going to visit Turkey from this weekend till 14th of February 2009. My flight will be from Bratislava, and I'll also visit Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.. InsyaAllah, I'll use all the opportunity to increase my knowledge and to give strength to my soul, in order to face upcoming challenges in my life.

From my survey, few days aren't enough to go to all of the interesting places at Turkey since there are really lots of them. Istanbul was once known as Constantinople, which served as the most important way to connect east and west. There are lots of histories behind the place..

What's special about Turkey? Wana know more about this historical place? Wait for my return to Hradec Kralove, insyaAllah, I'll tell you more.. Pray for my safety along the journey..

Coming soon..


hirumi said...

Sounevir!souvenir utk ktrang!hikhik :p

muhammad noor ismail said...

haha.. insyaAllah.. hehe.. no problemo, dude..
jalan pegi mana2, ingat2lah jugak aku, yer..

zack~ said...

ceh....jln besar nmpk!huh!
ak nk adiah!!

muhammad noor ismail said...

alamak, ramaila pulak nak adiah.. haha.. zack, kasi gule2 jela ek... huehue.. just kidding ;p

lenepawida said...

selamat pergi, dan selamat kembali ^_^

muhammad noor ismail said...

thanks, lenepawida.. alhamdulillah, dah selamat pergi dan selamat kembali.. ;p