21 February 2009

Begin With The End In Mind..

Salam w.b.t.

Everything that starts will come to an end. So does my holiday. After being free from studies and exams for more than 3 weeks, next week, my summer semester will begin. Alhamdulillah, I've done my winter semester successfully, but I suppose this coming semester should be more challenging, with tougher subjects coming ahead. Everyone, please pray for my success, not only in my studies, but in my life as well.

Studying medicine here is really hard. I have to admit it. Plus, besides study, I also have other responsibilities as a human being, and as a Muslim. As I said in one of my entry, study is important, but it's not everything for me.

Winter almost ends, but it's still snowing here

Well, in our religion, the important thing is to set a goal in whatever thing that we do. Yeah, planning is important. It's important to have an imagination what's going to happen in the end, so that we can work in order to achieve that. I'm not just talking about study. It's general. In whatever we do, we should have a plan, in order to achieve it, in the same time not to overwork.

Let's work in order to see what we believe. That's how our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) trained the companions and also the Muslims. The Prophet taught the companion to believe in something, and the companions work for that something. They do not believe for nothing, but they really had strong believe of what the Prophet had told them, and they really work hard for it.

To believe something that we have never seen is not as easy as to believe something that is already in front of our eye. Only an optimistic person is able to do that. It's not easy, and it's never easy. But that's how out Prophet motivate the companions.

Is it weird to believe something that we have never seen? Well, we've never seen the paradise, but we believe in it. We always work for what we believe to happen. It has been a long time we don't see the victory of Islam, but we believe in it, and we work in order to see what we believe.

The companions of the Prophet knew all the words from the Prophet came from Allah, and they believed that it was true, even though they were still not sure how was it going to be. That was how they were motivated. For example, when the Prophet (pbuh) told them that Islam will one day get control of Constantinople, the companions believed in it, and they worked very hard to see what they believed.

The first ever Constantinople mission was launched by Mu'awiyah. The commander of the mission was his son, Yazid. There were also several other companions who joined the mission. The first mission failed.

The mission under Sulaiaman bin Abdul Malik also failed.

Later, the mission during the leadership of Harun al-Rashid also failed.

The mission under the leadership of General Alparslan also failed.

They had lost neither once, nor twice, but they had lost many times in 800 years!! However, the failures never faded the spirit of the Muslims to conquer Constantinople, because they had a strong belief of the promise of the Prophet, something they had never seen before.

Finally, as I've explained in my previous entry, they gained success under Muhammad al-Fatih, who's also known as 'The Conquerer'. The companions and early people who believed before they saw had already died, but their kins and the later people persist, with the same belief, and with even higher spirit. Even though the ones who finally won the battle were neither Arabs, nor Muhammad's relative, but they were normal human beings with magnificent character. They believed and they fought for something they had never seen!

Istanbul: Proof of Prophet's promise

This is a very good example of how the previous people really worked hard to see what they believe. To have that strong belief is not that easy. Only those who really have strong faith can believe something that has not come yet. And that's how Islam motivates us.

So, let's take lessons from the past. To my colleagues, do pray for me in my studies, and in the rest of the journey in my life. The Prophet had promised us that Islam will again gain power in the world. Let's set a goal in our life.. a goal which benefit us and the ummah. So, LET'S BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND..


Aisyah Ismail =) said...

"Hai orang-orang yang beriman, barangsiapa di antara kamu yang berpaling dari agamanya, maka kelak Allah akan mendatangkan suatu kaum yang Allah mencintai mereka dan merekapun mencintaiNya, yang bersikap lemah lembut terhadap orang yang mu'min, yang bersikap keras terhadap orang-orang kafir, yang berjihad dijalan Allah, dan yang tidak takut kepada celaan orang yang suka mencela. Itulah karunia Allah, diberikan-Nya kepada siapa yang dikehendaki-Nya, dan Allah Maha Luas (pemberian-Nya), lagi Maha Mengetahui."

Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions in life... In order to embark on a new journey


p/s: love that song.. Pelindung Diri.. nice2!

muhammad noor ismail said...

hehe.. thanks, aisyah.. miss u, my sis.. hehe.. intenet abg dah ok.. iAllah bile2 nanti abg call..

moga sama2 bjaya.. take care slalu..

Aisyah Ismail =) said...


Alhamdulillah.. aisyah dapat conditional offer from leicester n cardiff!! doakan yg terbaik utk aisyah!!

miss u too my bro.. take care..~


muhammad noor ismail said...


wah.. congratz2.. tak sabarnye nak tunggu aisyah datang uk next year.. bole pegi lawat.. hehe.. so, skarang just kasi lepas point ib jela.. hehe.. stay focus, istiqamah selalu.. doakan abg jugak kat sini, yer..

kay.. abg nak gi usrah nih.. take care..

lenepawida said...

congrats jugak aisyah! ^_^ good luck utk ib ye!

Aisyah Ismail =) said...

Thanks... abang n kak lenapawida.. =)

muhammad noor ismail said...

Sama-sama aisyah.. :-) cik lenepawida pun ambik tau ek.. dobry2..

Saif Shah =) said...


best sgt bace cerita2 pengembaraan ni...
dah pasang niat nak ke sana juga, insyaAllah...
smg keagungan Islam di zaman kegemilangannya dpt meningkatkan keimanan dan keyakinan kita yg Islam akan dpt bangkit semula dan terus istiqamah di jalan ini.... ^_^

mmg seronok bile bercerita ttg cerita smlm, tp fokuslah akan cbrn mase depan yg mendatang... =)
all da best bro..

muhammad noor ismail said...

salam.. thanks.. yep.. kita tak akan ditanya tentang apa yang umat dahulu lakukan.. sepatutnya kita ambil pengajaran dan pedoman dari kisah semalam untuk digunakan pada hari esok..

aku adalah aku yang sekarang said...

dear sis aisyah n bro mohd noor.im happy to see both of u keep support each other n look very closed..nice sibling..hope both of u will always in Allah's love..=)

muhammad noor ismail said...

thanks maziah :-)

maziah kenal aisyah ke?

anyway moga terus istiqamah, n bjaya dunia akhirat ;p

aku adalah aku yang sekarang said...

x kenal..just slalu bace komen aisyah kat blog ni.pernah gak ziarah blog die.mesti baik orgnye..:)