01 February 2010

1 Year.. And Still Goes On...

Salam w.b.t.

Alhamdulillah, it has been a year since I started blogging (I launched my blog on the 29th of January last year). I can't believe it's been a year already. And what a year it's been. It had been an exciting journey to be able to share my thoughts and experience with many people who had taken time to visit and comment on my postings.

The thing that I love about blogging is that, it keeps me occupied during my free times, and it encourage me to read a lot in order to gain more knowledge on various issues. Of course, it's always interesting when we learn new knowledge.

Expressing ideas through writings is a new experience for me. Indeed, I've gained lots of responses either through the entry comments or through private response to me regarding my postings since the past 12 months. Most of the comments were encouraging, but sometimes I simply received critics either openly or privately.

There were times where I felt a bit down when I received some critics. Some people simply accused me of something when the person don't even know me. However it feels more painful when the critics come from the people close to us. Of course some people have different view on different issues, and I respect their right to express their opinion. I apologize whoever has criticised me before, but for me, I simply write something which comes from my heart, or something which I feel that I want to share with everyone else.

Anyway, I would like to thank everyone who has given support to me either directly or indirectly. Sometimes it inspires me to write.

InsyaAllah, I'll be leaving to London tomorrow to visit my sister :-) Pray for my safe journey.


Anonymous said...

salam.. your writing somehow does inspire me alot.. so please keep on writing.. :)


muhammad noor ismail said...


thanks a lot.. insyaAllah, i'll keep on writing :-)

Anonymous said...


yeah.. keep on writing.. love it :-) have a safe journey..

'aisyah ismail said...


yeah.. love all ur post! love u too!~ (^_^) hehe

jalan baik2 esok ea abang.. doa banyak2 time musafir.. moga allah redha dan berkati setiap langkah..

ukhuwah fillah..

jumpe esk insyaallah!!~ ^^

p/s: x tau lah bile nk berblogging balik.. huhu~ moga allah beri kekuatan~

lenepawida said...

yay, dah sethn! happy birthday, The Nur that always shines :)

aaa..continue writing..smpi tua pun continue jugak ok! sbb alhamdulillah, mmg best sgt2, dan insyaAllah ada manfaat utk diri dan org lain jgk :D

slmt berjln2 :)

p/s: aisyah tgh berehat kejap dr blogging?

realrear said...

Love it..love you both too.. korang dua beradik jgn lupakan kami di malaya ni..hehehe.. alya n afiq dok tanya uncle muhammad n auntie aisyah tu kat mana..europe tu kat mana...oo..naik aeroplane lama ek..leh pegi ke.. Lots of love from us..

p/s: aisyah..apsal restricted x leh access blog ek..pelik2..

muhammad noor ismail said...


to anonymous.. thanks.. `;-)

to aisyah.. thanks sbb spend mase aritu.. cardiff mmg terbaek r.. ;p dtg r czech pulak bile2.. nape limit org yg bukak blog tu.. tgh maintanence ek.. hehe..

btw, abg dah siap dah new passport tadi ;p

muhammad noor ismail said...

to lenepawida..

thanks jugak, yer for d encouraging comment.. hehe.. iAllah kalau diizikan Tuhan, akan terus menulis ;p all the best exam nanti..

to along :-)

cakap kat alya dgn afiq, uncle die dah beli dah souvenir dari london utk dorang.. hehe.. rindu kat semue org.. huhu.. still kat london lagi ni..